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Step 4: Sign the contract

Using our standard contract, or by providing your own, Hillgate makes it easy for both parties to agree to terms and get to work.

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Case studies

Company profile

Financial data and analytics provider based in New York.


$1-5 billion

Number of employees

> 1,000


EMEA strategy and business development

Strategic question 

Which market should Financial Services Company (FSC) select as its next focus market, GCC or Russia/CIS?

Project overview

The Head of EMEA for a newer division of FSC needed to prioritize the next growth markets for EMEA. After a high-level review, the GCC and Russia/CIS were prioritized as the top options.

Two consultants with backgrounds in the prioritized markets completed the market assessments within six weeks. The consultants used a combination of sources- internal documents from the client, secondary market research, and completed 10 interviews with market participants.


A market assessment of each region

1. Size of addressable market
• Segment and country-level breakdown
• Estimated market share of all major competitors

2. Analysis of the competitive landscape
• SWOT analysis
• Brand reputation

3. Market dynamics
• Regulatory landscape and key developments
• Cultural nuances and customs

Project follow up  

Upon delivery of the project, the client extended the contract of one of the consultants to develop a market survey for both regions in order to test hypotheses based on the original findings.
The consultant created a 12 question survey to prioritise their investment and focus on specific data sets for the regions.  

Final result

FSC was able to compare two different growth markets in order to determine which market presented the best opportunity for expansion and growth. 

Working with external consultants provided FSC with the opportunity to make a more robust decision than it would have been able to do with strictly internal resources.

Company profile

Award-winning food startup


< $10m

Number of employees




Strategic question 

How can an ethnic food company develop a marketing plan to expand from small regional start-up to a nationally recognised brand?

Project overview

Looking for a marketing whiz to build our branding and marketing strategy from scratch! We need to refine our US-focused marketing strategy and plan to help us tell our story, establish our brand, and drive revenue growth.

Our target customers are large supermarket chains, distributors and niche industry players, who we aim to increase relationships with by driving end user demand and creating a raving fan base.


The Consultant's initial proposal included three separate phases for the client.

Phase 1:
1. Roadmap with a minimum of 3Cs, 4Ps, brand architecture from a brand interrogation, packaging review
2. Consumer segmentation * for core target consumer identification
3. Logo development (5-6 routes to test)
4. Name/Positioning Statement/Strapline/Logo development and testing with consumers

Phase II and Phase III proposals were presented to the client to be optioned at a later date should both sides agree.

Project follow up  

The client optioned Phase II of the project.

Final result

The consultant used a proprietary strategic marketing roadmap built from years of experience in corporate brand management and adapted it for the needs of the startup. This clearly defined the consumer segmentation and helped identify the best option for the company logo and brand story.

The client doubled their site traffic in a day and quadrupled it in a week with a simple cohesive campaign.

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